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Revised Project Course

We issued a major revision to our Accelerated Microsoft Project Course. It
is now one day, focused on project scheduling and tracking. Many firms do
not use the resource planning and costing aspects of Microsoft Project. This revision
takes that into account to offer you a quicker and less expensive training
experience. 1/2 off class is running October 21. See

Posted by: training Date: 10/11/2017

Project Libre

We finished our new Project Libre training course. Project Libre is an open
source project management tool similar to Microsoft Project. It will read
and write Microsoft Project .mpp files directly and best of all as an open
source project IT IS FREE! Our first class will run on Saturday, November

If you are constrained by budget or just want to get a start with a
project management software tool this may be a good course for you. Click
or call 800-355-9855 to enroll.

Posted by: training Date: 10/11/2017

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